Fitec specializes in the secure and sustainable recycling and processing of depreciated and overstock IT hardware of enterprises, and the certified erasure or destruction of confidential data.

We do this by using an IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) process. Our main goal is to achieve the highest possible residual value of IT hardware for our clients. 

IT Asset Disposition process

The processing and recycling of IT hardware are done by using a certified IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) process.

This enables us to offer companies a complete IT recycling process.
We process all hardware, securely erase all confidential data, and recover all hardware (if necessary), followed by our selling process in which we sell your hardware within our partner network at the highest possible residual value for your business.

Safety & Sustainability

We think it is important that data of companies is processed in a safe and secure way and that our processes have an as little negative impact as possible on people and the environment.

Therefore, all our activities are carried out on the basis of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and Weeelabex certifications. Because of this, safe data processing and continuous monitoring of the impact on people and the environment can be guaranteed.

Global Partner Network

Realizing the highest possible residual value of companies’ IT hardware is one of the main components of our IT Reclying process.

We are able to sell large batches of recycled, overstock and new IT hardware commissioned by companies within a very short period of time, as we can offer this hardware to partners in our exclusive global network.

In this way, we can conclude the entire circle of recycling.

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